Welcome to LiteralPolitical where we talk politics, literally.

Our hope for this site is to provide an insight into politics for those who are just starting to dabble, those who are confused af about what on Earth is going on (literally) and those who just want to know a bit more without being overwhelmed, lied to or manipulated into thinking one way or another!

About us

Our founder and primary writer, Lucy, has an undergraduate degree in law and (almost) a Master’s degree in international relations and, so, has a keen interest in law and global politics. As she describes in our first post, Literally, What the F*** is Going on?!, Lucy became frustrated and concerned when speaking to family, friends and many others – particularly young people – who told her how they didn’t vote because they avoided politics, didn’t know who to vote for, didn’t want to “waste” their vote on the wrong party or candidate etc. When pressed, they would say things like;

“I just don’t know where to start. I don’t even know who the different parties are nor their views”.


“All politicians do is lie to us. I don’t want to vote because I don’t want to waste it on lies and then vote someone in who could cause more damage”.

Lucy decided to start up a website with the aim of providing a one-stop place for those who just want to get to the facts. An unbiased, concise and informative – and hopefully, somewhat entertaining – space where anyone and everyone can come to get the genuine, literal lowdown without any of the other bullshit.

We’re always open to suggestions and requests so please let us know what you’d like to read about! ✅

We also really, *really* appreciate any shares of our website and posts to help us spread the word and get more people engaged with politics again ☺️👍

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